Paint your own Easter Egg Candle!

Paint your own Easter Egg Candle

Paint your own Egg Candle this Easter with The Candle Alchemist!

Come and join the family fun this Easter at The Candle Alchemist Studio Workshop at our Drop-in Candle Painting sessions for all the family during Anglesey Open Studios Weeks.  Create and paint your own design using special Candle Wax paints and make your own bespoke Candle Easter Egg!

Meet and talk with the Artisan Candle Maker over a cup of tea and gain a unique glimpse into the art of candlemaking!

Visit our studio where many unique candle designs are on display in the from traditional hand-dipped tapers, pillar candles, scented candles, to pumpkin candles, toadstool candles and cupcake candles!

Cost £5 each

The Candle Alchemist Opening hours during Open Studios Weeks are as follows:

April – Sat 8 , Sun 9, Mon 10, Thur 13, Fri 14,  Sat 15, Sun 16, Mon 17, Wed 20, Thur 21, Fri 22,  Sat 23.  Hours 11am till 5pm.


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