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Anglesey Arts Weeks – Easter 2018

 Anglesey Arts Weeks Anglesey Arts Weeks (AAW)  is holding it’s annual Open Studios event over the Easter Holidays.  Starting on Saturday 24th March through to Sunday 8th April 2018, painters, sculptors, photographers, film makers, printmakers and craftworkers open their studios to visitors.

Often the Anglesey weather is fine and sunny at Easter, so here’s hoping!  Why not combine a studio visit with a trip to the beach?  With plenty of excellent places to stay on the Island, it makes an ideal break away at Easter, or if you live locally, find out what happens in the studio on your doorstep!

The Open Studios and Galleries Weeks event attracts visitors from all over the UK. It is the biggest art event held on the Island. This year over 80 artists are taking part at 54 locations including 10 participating galleries. You may find anything from cards, prints and original works of art to buy; see anything from works in progress to exhibitions of contemporary art. Venues include studios, chapels, barns, sheds, galleries and artists’ homes. You have the chance to meet and talk with the artist, often over a cup of tea, and gain a unique glimpse of the artistic process. Don’t feel shy about visiting; all the artists are only opening their studios as they are keen to meet you.

The event is spread over the two full weeks of Easter with some artists opening all the time and others for only a few days. To make it easier for you to plan, the studio opening hours are always 11am – 5pm on the days they are open. Also the A5 colour Guide has a folding cover which includes a map that helps you to plan your visits and navigate the Island.

The Guide will be widely distributed, and a PDF copy, along with additions and corrections can be downloaded from here.  In the Guide, alongside each artist entry, is a calendar marked with their opening days which enables you to plan a route to visit the studios which interest you.

During Easter Open Studios The Candle Alchemist is Open:

Saturday 24 March, Monday 26 March, Tuesday 27 March,

Thursday 29 March, Friday 30 March, Saturday 31 March,

Sunday 1 April, Monday 2 April, Tuesday 3 April,

Thursday 5 April, Friday 6 April, Saturday 7 April

A warm welcome awaits you!

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